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Gatehub withdrawal problem (BTC)


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Dear all,

This is just a thread to report issues withdrawing BTC from Gatehub Fifth to a native BTC wallet. I initiated a request on 12/29 which was accepted immediately by the network but after 1 day no sign of the tx on the BTC blockchain. 

I created a  ticket through the gatehub.net chat box and got a ticket number with some automated standard email.

3 days later (1/2) still no sign of the BTC tx. I responded to the automated email and asked an update about my ticket.

24H later (1/3) still no response. I then went to the dedicated website (support.gatehub.net powered by zendesk) and created a secondary ticket basically copy/pasting my initial request (just to cover the remote case that my initial ticket did not flow properly into their systems since i had created it through the chatbox)

There i am with no info. I went to Twitter/Facebook and saw massive amount of people basically complaining about the same thing. And it seems that Gatehub is basically on radio silence.

This is of course the worst course of action and even an overload of new users should not prevent them from at least acknowledging the issue. They actually took the time to sent a happy new year to everyone on twitter which is ridiculous and only increased the amount of anger since they basically totally ignore customers complaints at the same time and do not respond to a single message.

It's obvious that they will lose a lot of customers once and IF they go through their backlog. Note that Chris Larsen is a shareholder of it so they are not supposed to be totally scammy...

If you have been encountering similar issue and/or if you have managed to get some info from Gatehub over the last few days thanks for sharing here!!

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This is not unheard of, unfortunately. Your transaction is probably out there in the nether waiting to be confirmed. Did you get a transaction ID? My bet is that Gatehub will email you in due course to let you know that your transaction has gone through. They'll do this without apology or explanation. Keep emailing them.

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