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looking for some info on Gatehub pertaining to XRP exchange if anybody can help


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So I'm completely new to Crypto and XRP and I purchased ETH on coinbase to convert to XRP on gatehub. Since I purchased the XRP its gone up nearly 60% in value, when i check the exchange rate on Gatehub (XRP to US dollars)  its saying my XRP is worth less than what I bought it for. I hope this isn't a completely dumb question but I'm lost.


Anybody have any insight 


Best Regards

Zack M  

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XRP price on Gatehub is less than other exchanges. You can check XRP on coinmarketcap.com. Click on the markets tab and it will show you the price that the different exchanges have it at. 

Also, keep in mind that the ETH price on Coinbase is higher than the ETH price on Gatehub, so it actually loses value going from Coinbase to Gatehub. 

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