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Gatehub and bitstamp


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First... is it possible that Gatehub give me 20xrp to activate my wallet ? ..Because ..7 days ago i send some bitcoin to my gatehub account and next day I see 20 xrp in my account...few hour later, when I set Missing BTC trustline i get my btc to..so I didnt need to send xrp ...only btc.. ( i send btc from localbitcoin )

are these 20xrp meant as a reserve or why they locked me 50 xrp ?

Second .. what happens with our xrp if  gatehub page disappears ?

And ...how  (and if it makes sense )  to send our xrp to a bitstamp or any other exchanger  ...

I see that thare xrp is traded  at  much higher price on many other exchangers... what would be the cost of transfer, let say 100 xrp from gatehub to bitstamp?  

( it is necessary to pay a mandatory reserve of 50 xrp on  bitstmap to ? )



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