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Making money with Nano Ledger S

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Hello all, joined this forum in the hope of getting some feedback on a question i have. I have invested in XRP through etoro, but have purchased the Nano Ledger S as a long term solution. I understand that i would need to buy XRP again on another platform then store it on the hardware. What i’d like to know is once i have the XRP stored, what is the procedure to claim any profits i make? In laymans terms; would i need to re-upload the XRP onto a marketing platform i.e kraken? 

Apologies if ive made any mistakes, ive tried to put it as simply as i can

Thanks in advance

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eToro is a CFD platform that doesn't actually let you own the XRP, just trade on contracts for future price.

You need to buy XRP tokens from an exchange such as bitstamp and then deposit those in your ledger.

When it comes to selling, simply send them from the ledger nano to bitstamp and sell for fiat.

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