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coins.thumb.jpg.350f57808cdd6f38cb0c39cfef5e2275.jpgOpened up an account on Coinsquare

The interface seems very clean if somewhat limiting.

  • Verification was INSTANT (if you have a good credit that is, there is also the option to submit paper docs) 
  • Has Interac online INSTANT funding
  • Can trade metals as well as top crypto. Still waiting for XRP, but its supposed to be coming *soon*

Will play around some more and hopefully be set for when XRP gets added.

I feel the funding charges are still very high- 2.5% for Interac online (only a $3000 max), if doing the max that is $75- close to international wire transfer rates and access to bigger markets. The only thing you really save is time.

A local wire transfer is only $.5 (and much higher limit) and a Bank Draft is $.25 (min. is $1000). Both options take time to process and credit.

At this point the only benefit is the instant verification and use of interac online, while even being costly is fast and easy to access. All data is stored in Canada


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25 minutes ago, Mercury said:

I have given up on these guys. XRP has not yet been listed and they do not respond to requests for updates

you try Coinfield? it's expensive (fees upon fees) but they list XRP...I was able to buy within 2 hours of having joined and sent info/pic's

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