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Lost wallet/secret phrase


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Hello everyone!


I am making this post with the hope that someone can help me find a way to restore my wallet.


I have also emailed support@ripple.com


I had a wallet on a computer where the hard drive failed. The computer guy I took it to said he could not recover anything off it and unfortunately I had the wallet on there and the phrase on a sticky note on the same computer because I was clearly an idiot. It was a brand new computer so I could not see how anything could fail on it.


It was a new wallet as well(Downloaded and set up 12/16/17 more than likely) and I had around 115 coins on it, bought at 0.74.


I know it is not a lot of coins but I am on a modest income and was making a small investment of what I could based on the income that I have, so even though this isn't a lot of coins it is still a big loss to me.


I have attached an image of the purchase of XRP on binance.


Here is the transaction of me moving it to my ripple wallet from binance:



I have also attached an image of the above link screenshotted.


I can help to provide any other information as needed.


It would be amazing if you could help me recover this wallet somehow.

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