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Withdraw fiat money


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Hi all,

What do you think is the best exchange site to withdraw bigger amounts of USD (50 000$+) when converting ripple to usd/btc or eth.

I see that on kraken a lot of people have problems with it.

Any other suggestions or exchanges where you can transfer crypto money to and withdraw larger amounts of money in usd?


Not selling a single XRP, just to know for the future!


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BitStamp for sure.


edit: Just for clarity...if anyone plans to withdraw large amounts of Fiat from an exchange it is in their best interest to communicate with the exchange ahead of time.  The money is there (it least on reputable exchanges like BitStamp), but if you expect a smooth process you need to open a clear communication channel with the support staff so they are in the loop about large blocks of money about to move in or out.  An exchange like BitStamp is extra cautious (for good reasons - to protect you!) so be patient with the process.

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i have used a couple that are dodgy just be very careful and do some research i am currently using xtb i havent tried to withdraw any money yet!! but they are on the end of the phone straight away if i need them in the uk ggod platform simple to use i have just got verified on bitstamp and intent]d to use that asap

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There are two considerations, not one, when getting your "large amount" of money (USD). 

1) Which exchange to use. This is not  hard to figure.  #2 is more difficult

2) how will the bank react when they see a $50k transfer into my account?! It can easily be flagged as 'money laundering'. ie where did you get the money from? Most exchanges are not recognized, not regulated. Hence the red flags go up.

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