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Bitstamp USD withdrawal stuck on ripple payment network


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On dec 29, when s2.ripple.com may have been down I tried to make a usd payment to my ripple wallet using the ripple payment network on bitstamp. But the USD never made it through. 

I had even made payments the day before with no problem. Now the withdraw is stuck “in process” and it’s been days so I am starting to worry. 

Bitstamp support is non existent right now as they can’t keep up with demand. ETA is 4 weeks plus. 

The kicker is making any more usd payments also fail. 

Any ideas on what is causing this and if I can do anything about it? 

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Bitstamp is good about support. However sending multiple tickets or additional information/comments don't move things along any faster.  I've never received information or progress reports back until the issue was solved. It is frustrating but you should feel comfortable that they will get the issue resolved. Things just take time. 

As far as do anything about it, just keep a record of the transaction information. 

No one here can help you but maybe my personal experience with Bitstamp will help you with piece of mind that you probably haven't lost any fund. 

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