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Wallet Disabled: Needs 20 XRP


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Greetings all, 

I'm very new to the XRP scene. I set up a Gatehub account and unfortunately they're not letting me do much until I get 20 XRP in my account... Can someone please help me get started??? I would deeply appreciate it.


Thank you so much in advance!! 

Ps.Please give me mercy and 1xrp..

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When I set up gatehub back in May, they took about a 5 days to verify me. And after one email, they gave me 20xrp for the minimum.

having withdrawn all my money, the 20xrp remains. You can’t withdraw it.

i guess everyone is wanting their ripples, gatehub will be absolutely swamped with KYC checks and especially after the festive period I reckon they will have a massive backlog. 

Having worked in the banking industry, if you intend to sign up to any of these exchanges. Make sure you provide the right info otherwise these verifications will be a bloody drag for you. 

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