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Is it possible to withdraw 25XRP I have on GateHub?


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Just now, PickleRick said:

Nope, I don't believe you can. I have a bunch of wallets sitting around with 20-25 XRP's on them. One day, that'll be like $100k lol

Hope the lower that soon. If it  fly to $100K. That will be my retirement. Also imagine the amount of money that will  be stucked in those accounts.

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1 hour ago, leopcmovil said:

I want to take those 25XRP I have there is that possible. I know 25XRP is the minimun amount but is possible to move it to an exchange?

The minimum deposit for a native Ripple address are 20 XRP, and 5 XRP additional for each gateway. So disable the gateway and get those 5 XRP out.

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