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Problems sending XRP on Kraken


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Kraken is a bit slow and pages fail for me a bunch but I didn't have any issues this morning getting the last of my XRP off their exchange.  I just have to refresh pages when they fail; usually works after a couple tries.

They may be slow but they are the reason I was able to get XRP in the first place.  Other people I know, we were all a little late to the game, are still not verified anywhere and begging me to buy XRP for them.

Perhaps this may explain part of the problem with the exchanges:


Also maybe this is why it's taking CB a while to go live with XRP.  I'm not too technically savvy so can't really say.  

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Kraken, ugh don't get me started. 

No joke, they have cost me more money than two wives. Server errors, trade errors, support delays, withdrawal/deposit issues... SF based and if still correct run by Jeb's friend Jess so the lack of proper running is very odd or should I say, lazy.

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