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Help with Gatehub account Trustlines and Activation


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1 minute ago, ajay16790 said:

Hi, I am new to crypto. Was trying to setup my gatehub account to buy XRP, sent BTC to the address shown in my account before activating the wallet as the instructions weren't clear enough. Activated the wallet using Bithomp but haven't received my BTCs yet, it has been 24+ hours now. Has anyone come across something similar? Did you receive your BTCs later on? The delay makes me really nervous,any helpful suggestions/opinions will be useful. Thanks!

Took 12hrs for activation few days back for me after my BTC bounced back.

Yesterday/today took over 17 hours for my BTC to go into an activated wallet.

It's bloody slow at the moment, but it does happen eventually.

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@XRP-JAG Thank you for your reply. In my case the BTCs didn't bounce back.

When I checked the blockcypher for the Gatehub provided BTC address, the coins seemed to have come through (Coinbase BTC wallet to Gatehub BTC address) and then transferred over to a completely new address.

I was expecting the coins to be held in this address for me to make use of once the wallet becomes active. it's now active but the BTC balance is 0.

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 @ajay16790 BTC left Coinbase 30th Dec at 10:11 AM. It's not until 3:57 PM I get the 'Missing Trustline' email.

I sort the XRP to activate the wallet 9:06 PM same day. No more emails, contact or anything until BTC finally shows in Gatehub 5:07 AM on 31st Dec.

It showed as completed on Coinbase / Blockchain within 30-60 mins of being originally sent.

Hope that puts your mind at rest.

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I am a newbie to crypto and  I have a similar issue than @ajay16790,  I deposited BTC from Coinbase to Gatehub in order to activate the wallet but I can not activate it without XRP so...

My phone number is verified but the wallet is not activated. 

I do not know what to do, should I wait and finally the transaction will be ok? or should I activate the wallet with bithomp?

Thanks for your help

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1 minute ago, Josemi said:

@XRP-JAG so your account is not yet activated after 7 days??  wow

why do not you use Shapeshift to activate it?

I have used Shapeshift to active the wallet. You don't need to be validated on Gatehub to send/receive Crypto.

What I can't do is deposit directly into Gatehub with Euro or USD until validated.

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