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Tone Vays' Head Explodes over XRP


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If you are interested in bitcoin generally, Tone Vays and Jimmy Song make a good double act on Jimmy's show "Off Chain" and they have some deep connections that can be useful to hear from (not too many people got to interview Bitfinexed at length or have him participate in a roundtable). But when it comes to Ripple and XRP, something feral comes out of Tone and it's usually fun to watch. Tone and Jimmy are so obscenely misinformed, one can only conclude they are being disingenuous in his remarks. Some of their comments are outright lies.

This episode of Jimmy's show is particularly amusing. The title of the youtube clip says it all. Jimmy should think about renaming his show from "Off Chain" to "Off Beam with Jimmy Song".

Looking forward to more entertainment from Tone in the months and years to come! As some of the viewers responded to this particular episode: when Tone says something is rubbish, buy like mad!


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7 minutes ago, Sarnos said:

There are loads of comments showing they have not even researched anything on this topic ... But anyways if there is something you guys want to laugh about start watching at 11.30

quote "Oh i don't know I cringe when people call it a crypto currency"

lol what a bunch of looozerds!!!!



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The thing is that neither Tone nor Jimmy are stupid, nor do they strike me as especially political. Quite the opposite. But XRP and Ripple really get them both going. This latest vid was particularly full-on. And if the flippening happens, get me the XL popcorn because all hell will break loose.


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