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Activation of xrp on gatehub


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8 hours ago, hmcfaull1967 said:

I found out that as I've been trying to do this on my android phone it would not enable. I just logged on to my desktop site and it worked. Don' know if it was just my depoit arriving but may help some 

It should show you on the right hand side if you deposit just arrived:

You can also see the same info if you click on transactions:

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If gatehub credited my account with 20 xrp. Does this mean they received my 0.1 btc. Would they have exchanged some of the 0.1btc to get the 20 xrp. What happened to the rest? Sick of this company. Seems like they are useless at best or thieves at worst.

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Gatehub won't exchange your .1 BTC for XRP to activate your wallet.  You need to deposit at least 20 XRP into your gatehub account to activate your wallet.  Additionally, you need 5 XRP for each gateway/trustline you have set up, and 5 xrp for each open trade.  Since you're sending BTC, I'm assuming you tried to set up a gateway/trustline for BTC, so you'll need at least 25 XRP in your account before your BTC will show up

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1 hour ago, hmcfaull1967 said:

Does anyone know how to check if gatehub received the 0.1btc. I have details of transction, miners, time  etc codes.

Yes if gatehub received you 0.1bts it show up on the righthand side and in the transactions log.
Screenshot show when my DASH arrived.


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