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How can I migrate my ripple account to Binance through my secret key


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I don't know Binance...   but if it has a IMPORT option and asks for secret key then that is likely it.   :)   I could be wrong but as far as I know most exchanges do not have an import option.  The only one I knew of was Gatehub.

But the normal way to move XRP into an exchange is a DEPOSIT which will be simply a page showing a public Ripple address for you to send XRP to.  It will possibly also show a destination tag.  If it does then make sure you specify that tag when you SEND XRP from wherever you currently have it.

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14 minutes ago, Jam said:

Thanks for the info. Im hearing bad things about Gatehub which makes me not want to use it. but I guess there is no other option at this time. 

I haven't as yet understood the issue...   why does it have to be an import rather than a deposit?

is it because you want a aripple wallet rather than an iou?

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3 hours ago, Jam said:

I have a ripple client account and have to import it to a wallet so I can use it but when I fill in my secret key it tells me secret key invalid. any idea why that is or how I can fix it?

Ah...   Sorry no.   It's from before my time...   But I thought the normal thing was import to Gatehub?

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You could also just login to the JavaScript ripple API powered site:


Up to you to determine if you think that's secure and safe....  but I can say I've never heard a bad word about it and have used it myself.

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