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How to convert XRP to USD


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Hi guys, after some searching around I bought a small bit of XRP by doing the following:

- Purchased BTC on Coinbase using my bank account

- Sent BTC to Binance

- Exchanged BTC to XRP on Binance

- Sent XRP to Rippex Offline wallet.

Before I go ahead and purchase larger amounts, I wanted to ask if the above method is the most efficient?

And most importantly, I wanted to ask how to I convert XRP into USD.   Do I need to completely reserve the process and send XRP from Rippex to Binance, convert to BTC, then send BTC to Coinbase, then finally sell BTC in USD.

Just want to make sure that if I buy a bunch and then it drop, I can quickly sell it off.

Many thanks in advance!

PS - Ordered a Nano S hardware wallet for when I buy more XRP.

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Thanks guys.  Should I buy my BTC elsewhere before converting it to XRP on Binance?

Dumb question.  Can I buy BTC on Binance?

And understood.  Seems like you sit on it until Coinbase accepts it.

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