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Ripple Wallet Activation

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I need some help.  I live in the United States and have been wanting/trying to purchase/obtain Ripple.  It has been quite the process.  The account activation on some of these websites/exchanges is driving me crazy.  I purchased Bitcoin (on Coinbase) and sent it GateHub in hopes to exchange it for XRP.  I come to find out you must have 20 XRP to have an "Active Wallet" to set up a "Trust" to complete my transaction of Bitcoin that is just sitting there.  I tried alternative method (Bithumb).  No luck.  I am literally at the last step of this crazy mission can someone please help me out?  It was probably a lot easier to help with 20 XRP a month or two ago when price was nothing and I understand that.  Willing to help or work something out with whoever can help me!!  Please Please Please!

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