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Newbie Question Coinbase to Gatehub Fees


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So I'm currently kicking myself because I have been interested in xrp since October but am new to crypto currency and took too much time reading and understanding before the big jump in xrp so I get to sit around and calculate what my investment would be worth if I would have acted faster.....

But I have a question about fees. I have been waiting on my Gatehub account verification for more than a week which it sounds like is normal so I can buy with usd wire transfer.

However more than a week ago when xrp dipped below a dollar I did a test run of purchasing $150 worth of bitcoin on Coinbase by credit card and transferred it to my Gatehub wallet to see if it would be a way to purchase a larger amount while waiting for my Gatehub verification.

After paying some ridiculously high bitcoin fee to transfer to Gatehub I decided it wasnt as I ended up with about $100 dollars of bitcoin equivalent in Gatehub.

So long story short, is a 30 percent transfer fee normal for this? If it was lower I would have bought more, but this transfer fee scared me off and made me decide to wait on my Gatehub verification which I'm still waiting on like I'm guessing so many other possible investors are. With this recent dip I'm wondering if there is another lower fee way to get from Coinbase to Gatehub, or are people just paying those ridiculous fees?


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Top Posters In This Topic

It is a Shame.

I made a BTC transaction to GateHub 2 days ago.  

They have "lost/..." my BTCs and I can not do anything. 

I had more than 20 Xrp in my account, I made the trust with BTC, I did everything possible but they stay my money.

I double checked the wallet ID,  I traced the transaction and the BTCs arrived correctly but they are not shown in my wallet. 

PLEASE AVOID Gatehub if you do not want your money to be "lost/...". 

Please make this be known to as much people as we can to avoid this unfair company. I have read in different blogs and Twitter that hundreds (may be more) of people are suffering the same problem.

EDIT: 3 days later my BTCs arrived. Late but they arrived.

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