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How to buy XRP in Gatehub.net and sell it in Bitstamp.net?


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1 hour ago, mrcarrot said:

It's pretty easy.  You buy XRP at gatehub, transfer to Bitstamp, and sell it.  Where is your question ... ?


2 hours ago, xh3b4sd said:

What you want to do is called arbitrage and in the end it is really complicated to get done. You will waste time, get banned lose most of it on the tax man or won't get anything substantial out of it eventually. IMO it is not worth it. 

Who will ban me about the arbitrage?  Will Bistamp ban it?  Thanks.

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I mean, when you find a way, use it, and let me know how to do it. You are not the first one trying to do this. There is e.g. Rialto AI who build a system to leverage the unsyhcronized markets for arbitrage business to finally create liquidity for XRP markets. They have a team working on it full time. 

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