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A Ripple Address Without A Username


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Hi everyone,

I was hoping to see if anyone can help me out, as I've exhausted all options available to me for figuring this out myself and consulting other communities. This may be a problem you've seen before, but I am unable to find any resolutions to it.

I earned my first Ripples way back in 2014 through the World Community Grid - they opened a Ripple wallet for me and everything. My interest in Ripple was already relatively high at that point that I even purchased Ripples from an exchange. I gave them my Ripple address and I received it - I can still view the transaction history using Bithomp's Ripple explorer. Then I forgot about them for a few years. Fast forward to today, and I've been trying to get my wallet migrated to Gatehub: as I know, there are two ways to do this - you can provide a secret key, or you can get a secret key by migrating from the old client using a username and a password.

Here's the weird part: I don't have a username or password. When I look at my friends' Ripple addresses, I can see a username associated with them - my Ripple wallet doesn't have one. I never made the migration a few years back, so I don't have a secret key either.

Please let me know if there is any hope in this situation - I actually paid real money for my Ripples, and it seems very troubling that I am unable to recover them. I have already tried contacting Ripple Support, but as you can imagine, they are extremely slow with their response and haven't addressed my issue (they sent what seemed like a template reply about migrating my wallet, even though I already mentioned that I don't have a username and I don't have a secret key).

I look forward to hearing from you - any help is appreciated beyond words.


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1 hour ago, karmflln said:

I never made the migration a few years back, so I don't have a secret key either.

You were told to do a backup of your wallet when you created it and had to click a button that essentially said "Yes, I made a backup, please proceed".

Do you have any data stored from that time, either a "ripple-wallet.txt" file or some string that starts with an "s...."? If not, your user name could have been your email address that you used too, but that's a long shot.

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16 minutes ago, karmflln said:

I really have no idea how the wallet ended up with no username - do you think it's something WCG can help me out with? I'll take a look, see if I can find any text files with the appropriate info.

I doubt that WCG have anything to do with that.

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The "user name" you speak of is a Ripple name.  There was an idea at the time that you could pay extra for these ~names and they would be an easy way to identify an address rather than just by looking at a string of letters and numbers.

Not all accounts have these.  Of the 3 accounts I created in 2014, 2 have them and one doesn't.  I can't even remember how I created one, but Ripple names aren't available any longer.

The "Account migration" that you read about is from the old "RippleTrade.com" service that was at one time run by Ripple.  I had an account there, and was able to migrate my wallets to Gatehub using the instructions using my old RippleTrade.com user name (not the Ripple account name) and password..  My other account, which wasn't on Ripple Trade, wasn't able to be migrated.

Hope you get it sorted.  Good luck.

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Thank you all for your help. It turns out my I did write down my secret key - it's in an old document in my Evernote app. My god, I'd been looking for it for a month, and it was in my goddamn pocket the whole time.

Lesson to be learned: write down important things and put it up in the Internet where it will exist forever and ever, amen.

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