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info please or Help


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helo every body happiners who have ripple coin and it is go to sky.


i m very sad because i have 3 week try to buy some coins nad i can not do it!

ome palce dont work with my ountry veezuela

some place dont verify me my account and take long times to do that.. so..

some exchange have disapiar XRP from them listing  i dont understand why?


its possible get some help from someone who take 3 minutes to help.


i need to buy this fuecking coins.. in a EASY , FAST, and SAFE Place

i need to get a EASY FAST SAFE WALLET accept ripple coins

I NEED can pay this coins with Paypal......


Thanks for all people who take 3 minutos of your time to try to solve this for me!


i dont understand well why all questions up!



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If you do it this way, start with very little just to make sure it works and you understand how to do everything. Go slowly. 

Please wait and see if anyone else here can answer your question. Someone here might know a better way to do what you want.

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