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How do I send US Dollar from my Ripple Desktop Wallet to my bank or coinabse?


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I have the ripple desktop wallet from rippex and there is a Trade tab at the top which I attached in this picture. That Trade tab allowed me to exchange my XRP to USD using Bitstamp it looks like but I don't actually have an account with Bitstamp so it is allowing me to do this some other way. Now in my wallet it shows according to that picture that I have US Dollar but does not look like I can do anything with it but purchase more Ripple.

Again I am doing as much reading as possible and a lot of learning I am new to all this so I am doing my best to explain myself but maybe  a picture is worth a 1000 words in this case.



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23 hours ago, jaymobile said:

Excuse my ignorance but I am new to all this and made a little money and I used my ripple desktop wallet to trade XRP - USD and now I have USD sitting in my wallet but don't see any options that allow me to send it anywhere, please help?

Sorry bro. I never used this wallet so dont know much, u mentioned u read some materials about it. Just wondering if u have tried info available by searching posts in this chat forum by putting cold wallet in search section



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