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Transferring from Bitstamp to Nano S


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So I am having a problem I transferred some xrp from bitstamp by going to withdrawal and entering the destination address given to me by my ripple wallet, however I did that 3 hours ago. My bit stamp reads that the transfer is finished but when I check my ripple wallet there is still 0 XRP? 

Has this happened to anyone?

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5 minutes ago, gdiaz7490 said:

Sorry, this may sound naive. I am very new to crypto currency, wouldn't me giving out my ripple address put me at jeopardy of being hacked?

No.  You have to give it out in order for people to send you coins.  

All transactions are public and can be viewed by anyone https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions

In order to gain access to a wallet, you need the address, and secret key.  Obviously don't give out the secret key (hence the word "secret").

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Yes, I did refresh but it doesn't show? I will give it a few days I guess, I was only curious because a friend of mine went through the same process yesterday and her funds appeared immediately on the wallet. Thank you so much for your help. I will update you with progress over the next few days.


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