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2 week newbie sold at $1.5 from .73


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Fear and greed.

People tend to take profit too early and take a loss too late.

Before buying, ask yourself why you are buying. You want to double. Then sell when you double and do not regret when it rockets after that. 

In Ripples case I would not sell at all for a small profit. Look at today how fast it can go. On a what, 48 hours old news story. On one of the most quiet days of the year.

Wait until there will be big news. Jp, GS or BOA starting to use XRP? Amazon, Google, Paypal? There will not be any sellers in the market anymore. This is bound to happen.

Do you believe it can go to 10. Stay in. Set your targets and goals and stick to them. Only you have to live with yourself and your decisions. 


Good luck! 

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