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Safest way to export xrp from paper wallet


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9 minutes ago, tha2er99 said:



what is the safest way to send xrp from paper wallet ?


i had an offline link json something but i lost it 

Just don't....   hang on to them...   They will grow much more.

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2 minutes ago, wildbull1984 said:

Ahhhh ok.

I recommend installing Toast Wallet on your mobile.

From there, enter your public and private keys, it will give you access to your XRP.

From there, you can transfer to any XRP address.

is it safe ??

i feel that mobile wallets are not safe 

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8 minutes ago, tha2er99 said:

is it safe ??

i feel that mobile wallets are not safe 

I use it myself. It is safe. Just ensure you do your due dilligence and perform a backup. And record every setip procedure you go though. 

Every time you open it, you enter access with a pin, and can only transfer if you enter your password (which will ask you create during setup.)


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Alternatively you could login to Theworldexchange.net with your secret key.  I can't say it's safe but the user who created it is on here and seems very helpful and knowledgable.  Also I've never heard a bad word about it....   but do your own diligence.

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Sorry to spam but new thoughts coming...   The other thing is that any of these three options seem safe but might not be.... but you could minimise risk by creating a new paper wallet and using one of the three options on the old wallet and immediately transfer the 90% to the new paper wallet.

Then calmly and safely sell the rest as intended.

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I use the Rippex wallet. https://rippex.net/carteira-ripple.php#/

- Download the Rippex wallet in a trusted computer and install.

- After installation go OFFLINE

- Create new wallet by importing your secret key (still OFFLINE)

- The wallet will create a "wallet" file (save it on your desktop) and you have to create a password. (still OFFLINE)

- Than create a transaction to the wallet address where you want to send your xrp's (still OFFLINE)

- The wallet will create a "Transaction file" on your computer. (save it on your desktop) (still OFFLINE)

- After this delete the Rippex wallet software and the "wallet" file on your desktop from your computer. Keep the "Transaction file".

- Than go ONLINE

- Download the Rippex wallet software again.

- Click on the tab "Submit Txn"

- The wallet will ask you to add the "Transaction file" you saved on your desktop

- Add the file and click "Send"

The first steps when you are OFFLINE you create a "Transaction blob" signed with your secret key offline. The "Transaction blob" will not contain your secret key when transmitting the payment when you are ONLINE.

Please note that when you do this again for a following transaction that you have to manually change the Sequence number.





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