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XRP beats Ethereum #2 on coinmarketcap!!

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Watch Ripple surpass Bitcoin in 2018, if not early 2018. B)

Ripple have started a Ripple effect now. Many sites are reporting Ripple as the new cryptoking, people are piling on to be part of the ride and XRP will only become more successful the higher price we get. :acute:

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When i got interested in crypto and stummmbled on ripple i was amazed by it cappabillities and sure it was the most wanted and expencive coin, boy was i wrong.

People dont seem to "get "the really good things even if they are as simple as possible.

when i saw it was around 20 cents i got all the money i could get and bought xrp. I live in a poor country so all the money i got was close to zero so i had to sell my gold ring.

It will surpass current bitcoin MC by far very soon, just a question of time, linear connection with xrp growth.

There is only one rule in xrp:


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