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I'd recommend at least 40 XRP if you're going to have any gateway/trust lines set up.  You need 20 xrp to activate your XRP wallet, but 5 xrp for every gateway/trust line set up, and 5 xrp for any open trade on gatehub.  I'd send you XRP for USD$ sent over PayPal at current exchange rates if you want to message me

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I have opened an account on Gatehub and transfered BTC to the wallet however it seems it will never arrive in my wallet as it is still disabled. Can someone please help me to activate my account so I can setup the trust and hopefully receive the BTC? 

My ripple wallet address: rhUQ7Yfu8qsGLKfRVRTcPaxcxHmmhMvjLt

What I am reading is that I need 50 XRP

Thank you so much for your support.



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Hello Guys

i am new to this and my wallet is disabled and im looking for 20 XRP to enable it address is below.  Can anyone help me please?


i will very gratefull it..


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