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New XRP-er Rippex Questions

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Hi all...new XRP-er...umm...XRP-ee...not sure which is right...haha...anyway just a few questions about the Rippex wallet.

So, I'm buying ETH on coinbase, sending it to Binance, converting to XRP and sending back to my Rippex wallet.

Since you can take it off-line doesn't that make it a "cold wallet" when you want it to be?

Now, should my computer crash, can I reinstall the wallet and use the secret key to get my XRP back?  Or is it not that simple.  I notice there is a file that sits on my desktop and I've tried to move it, but when I do it will not let me log in, it has to stay on my desktop.

I've noticed some people saying about moving files to a USB drive, how would I do that?  Or does it matter because of the off-line mode?

Thanks for the help! I'm in at .98, 1.12 and 1.17 for about 500 XRP...looking to buy more on a dip if we ever get one...haha.

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Technically, your XRP are always stored on XRP Ledger. You never move them off, even on a cold wallet. 

With the secret key, you can recover the wallet on the ledger at any time. It will move the funds into a new wallet. 

If you save your main wallet file to a USB drive, that keeps your information off of your computer that could be susceptible to hacking or viruses. This keeps your info off the internet. Ripple wallets are basically an interface that interacts with the XRP Ledger.

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