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Chances of Coinbase Listing XRP Before Q3 2018?

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Would Coinbase need to change their Asset Guidelines to list XRP ?
I'm assuming that Coinbase would have to change their digital asset guidelines to have XRP on the exchange - with their view of it being a centralized token.


Here's another Twitter comment I read...   but I did not think XRP was a ERC-20 token?

In any case - I've also always thought that Coinbase had a negative view of XRP after comments by Brian Armstrong over the years about it being a distraction - and other comments I've heard him make.
Granted that was  a few years back and times have changed, but still my feeling is that being listed on Coinbase inst going to happen.

I also think the disaster that was the BCH launch delayed any new token listing for some time. 

What's the chances you feel of it being listed on Coinbase in first half of 2018?

10% I think.


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I don't think xrp will be added in the near future.  Coinbase can barely keep their **** together as it is.  They need to take all the money from their transaction fees and reinvest in their infrastructure.  And probably better off for xrp in the long run if not added to Coinbase too soon.  Huge spikes and dips in price aren't going to benefit anyone but the people who want to sell off and make a quick buck.   Xrp is the only coin I have been seeing recently that consistently gains value and resists the larger market fluctuations or at least corrects more rapidly than others.

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