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Problems to get ripple wallet transaction history


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Hi everyone,

I currently want to finish my tax report for this year. However, I am not able to get my transaction history on gatehub. It says: "RIPPLE DATA ERROR. Unable to retrieve transactions from Ripple Data API." 

As it turns out, this is not gatehub's fault: When fetching the transaction history for my wallet using the ripple data-api, I get that very error. 

This is very bad indeed, since I haven't any records of my transactions elsewhere (especially eth to ripple conversions on gatehub). I tried to use toast-wallet to get my transaction history, without any success (no transactions), rippex (only partial transactions) and bithomp (some are missing?).

With my current knowledge I would certainly have used bitstamp instead, however, that does not help me at the moment. Do you guys have any idea how I can get a full transaction history for my wallet?


Thanks in advance! 

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