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Please help..i lost my ripples as i miss destion tag to mention while transferring..plz guide.


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Withdrawal History from BInance exchange to KOINEX exchange:

• Transition Completed on 2017-12-22 21:03:43 Type : XRP(ripple) Quantity : 154.8705 Destination Koinex Ripple Wallet Address : rLdinLq5CJood9wdjY9ZCdgycK8KGevkUj

Txid: D9B15D946F00F2C1F9C4FB75B48F9FFB374EB52367831E2B81BE20F626D5AD78

Destination tag:

STATUS: This transaction was successful, and validated in ledger 35229320 on December 22, 2017 3:36 PM. DESCRIPTION: The payment is from rJb5KsHsDHF1YS5B5DU6QCkH5NsPaKQTcy TO rLdinLq5CJood9wdjY9ZCdgycK8KGevkUj. It was instructed to deliver 154.8705 XRP. The actual amount delivered was 154.8705 XRP The transaction's sequence number is 80258 MEMOS: The transaction has no memos. TRANSACTION COST: Sending this transaction consumed 0.00518 XRP.

FLAGS: The transaction specified the following flags: • tfFullyCanonicalSig AFFECTED LEDGER NODES: It affected 2 nodes in the ledger: MODIFIED NODES: o It modified the AccountRoot node of rJb5KsHsDHF1YS5B5DU6QCkH5NsPaKQTcy  Balance reduced by 154.87568 from 326,999,635.646228 to 326,999,480.770548 XRP o It modified the AccountRoot node of rLdinLq5CJood9wdjY9ZCdgycK8KGevkUj  Balance increased by 154.8705 from 20,547,086.28692 to 20,547,241.15742 XRP

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Hello @nitesh

you need to contact Koinex support and give them the above detail. They should be able to work it out for you. The funds have gone to a ‘group’ wallet on Koinex because you forgot to put your destination tag/ID. 

Make sure you tell Koinex support what your ID/tag number is. 

Best wishes

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