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Funded Rippex Desktop Wallet but can't send XRP


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Would not being validated on Rippex.net prevent me from logging into my rippex desktop wallet? When I say log in I mean on the tab that says "Open Account" as opposed to the Cold Wallet or Read Only Mode. Those two tabs I can use and see my balance, but when I try to log into the main (left) tab it says incorrect password, even though I wrote it down carefully... I think I did it backwards. I installed the wallet, sent some XRP to it, and only after that created an account on rippex.net. It's been 9 days and I am waiting for validation. I assume that when I'm validated I will have full access to the XRPs in the wallet(?). If not I guess I made a mistake writing down the PW...

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Figured it out. It turns out that the file path that appears above the password field has to exactly match the location and name of your wallet. I had changed the wallet's name, and put it in a folder, and that's why I couldn't log in.

Wanted to update, in case anyone else was wondering. Your Rippex.net account has nothing to do with being able to log into the rippex desktop wallet.


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