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New a account New 20 ripple


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Hey Ripple Family 

Dear oh dear never new what was going to hit me in the process of buying ripple. oh well it will be worth it. 

Was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with 30 XRP which i will send back with maybe a few more once up and running. 

What i have done so far is, created a GateHub account, and CoinBase account, i invested into BTC and sent it to my GateHub BTC address, however i have received a email with confirmation of it being sent yet nothing in the account, maybe because its not fully activated right? 

I hope one of the family member would be able to help out, that would be much appreciated.

Ripple Address - 





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Hello, I am new user in gatehub.

My problem is : Aslong as my account activated, I transferred 0.22 BTC to my gatehub account from coinsquare account. Now coinsquare shows transaction processed. But my gatehub account doesn’t show 0.22 BTC.   After looking at  gatehub help forum I found that you need 20XRPs first to activate your wallet. It would be great if someone send 20 XRP or more XRP to activate mY account. I promise to pay back 100XRP.

below is my ripple wallet address: 


Pleae send your XRP address with the reply so that I can send back 100XRP as soon as my account get activated.

Thanks in advance.

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