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Benefits of ripple being on coinbase


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What are the benefits of having your product on the front page of Amazon?

BCH increased 100% when added to Coinbase and has since retraced 50%. XRP has a substantially lower unit price which favors psychologically larger buys, not just because it seems as if someone is spending less, but because there appears to be larger upside.

I think you could see a 400% increase within a month+

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Significantly increased exposure among individual speculative investors.  That's it really.  The price will rise - speculatively - and be more likely to be targeted for pump and dump activity by whales.

We really want xRapid announcements in conjunction with an announcement that XRP will be added to Coinbase.  If we only get the addition to Coinbase we are just going to continue increasing in value and volume without utilizing the underlying utility of the token.  Short term that looks fun and great, but long term it's not a good thing.

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