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Ledger Nano S Security


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I just received my ledger nano s and am installing the Ripple Wallet.

1. As with cold wallets, would it be safer to download the Ripple Ledger Client and install it onto a cold computer such as a rasp pi rather than a desktop that has been connected to the internet therefore becoming susceptible to malware attacks.

2. I have yet to send from the ledger nano s, but is the private key secure and we only have to authorize a send using a passcode? 


for those who just got the Ledger Nano S words of advice: if it isn't working as expected on start up just close out the ledger manager app, re open and then unplug and plug the ledger nano s back in
i was having trouble installing and uninstalling apps 

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For your second question:

Your Nano S requires your manual consent to authenticate this transaction: press the right button (above the "V" check icon) to confirm once you have verified the details of your transaction are right and wait until your Chrome app displays "validated"


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