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RIPPLE WALLET ON GATEHUB - 50XRP Deposit with PayPal. Instantly!


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I just saw this video on youtube  but my attempts to repeat it was useless because instead of PayPal, Perfect Money showed up.

So, my question is how to add PayPal to bithomp.com Account activation box to change Perfect Money to PayPal? 

I would appreciate any suggestions because I need to activate my GateHub wallet-rsM8d8HijEx1bbMfH45NKaPmCQ2HagMbEo



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Top Posters In This Topic

PayPal option was available today.Because of PayPal limitation and big demand, we had to stop accepting PayPal today again.

Next time PayPal option will be available on the 30th of December. Follow bithomp on twitter for updates.

We are working to fix the limitations with PayPal..

Sorry for inconvenience. @LanXrp

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