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help with ripple trade migration to gatehub : lost secret key and password


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Happy holidays to all.   I'm attempting to migrate my old rippletrade account to gatehub.  Unfortuntaely I cannot find the secret key, or the password for the account.   The XRP I purchased and sent to my ripple trade wallet was via snapswap in early 2015.  I verified my identity with snapswap - drivers license etc.  The snapswap account was connected to my ripple account.    Can anyone sugguest how I might recover my account info from snapswap or ripple?    Snapswap had verified my identity, so presumably that data is still out there somewhere...  but what's left of snapswap dosen't seem to have any mechinism for recovering accounts,  and neither does ripple as far as I can tell (at least not without your password).  I'm in a bit of a bind here, so would really appreicate any and all help!

Many thanks - 



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Many thanks for that manateehunter - I tried Ripple already, and as you say they weren't very helpful...   Would you have any advice on the best way to reach SnapSwap?   Their EU operation lists an email - hello@snapswap.eu - but that's about it.  I have emailed that address so will see what happens...  If you (or anyone else) has any other tips I'd certainly be grateful - 



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