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Ripple Desktop Wallet - Private Key


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So, the "secret key" the ripple wallet shows, is supposed to be the private key for my address? If i have that and the public address of the wallet, that is enough to recover the funds in case i lose the wallet file?


Thanks for any input !

P.S. what is the "regular key"

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If you have the secret key that is enough in itself to use your funds at any time in the future.  Many different options to use it.  The public key will be calculated again from the secret anytime you import it into any wallet software or website.   

A regular key is an alternate key generated that can operate the wallet until and unless it is disabled.  So it's one that you might say generate if you wanted to import your XRP wallet into a site like Gatehub for some reason and yet retain the option to disable its access at any time.  So if for instance you wanted to cease Gatehub access in the event of a hack or suchlike.    

Other situations might include a temporary power of operation to some third party with always retaining the capacity to disable their key at any time.  

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