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Alt Coins with a purpose?

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Hi all! I am currently 100% invested into XRP, but I have recently taken an interest into expanding my portfolio with other coins. This won't involve me selling any XRP, just adding fresh funds into the game. 

Upon researching a bunch of different coins, I only found a few with an actual purpose, and out of those few, only 1 or 2 seemed like they had a good team behind them.

I guess my question is: Out of the 1,380 coins listed on coinmarketcap.com, is XRP really the only one with a solid use case, a great team behind them, and actively setting up new partnerships?

I was just interested in hearing about which coins you guys know of that actually serve a purpose and have a good team behind them working towards a specific goal.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!:P

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Have been doing a little research and found a couple coins that seem interesting, and are extremely cheap at the moment..

Dimecoin, Stronghands, Embercoin, Paccoin, and Sprouts.

These coins are all way under $0.01 and the companies seem active on social media, and they are all trying to be added to more exchanges:good:

Was wondering if anybody knew anything about these coins?

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