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Ledger Wallet app doesnt "see" my nano s?


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So i bought a brand new Nano S.  installed the ripple app on the device and the ledger wallet on my PC

I plug the Nano S into my machine, windows detects it.  I unlock it using my PIN, no issue

I run the ledger wallet app on my machine, it tells me to begin, connect and unlock your ledger wallet and then open the ripple app on the device.  I open ripple on my nano, aaaaaand nothing... the pc app doesnt proceed any further, as if its waiting for the ledger...In the ripple app settings on the nano the only options i have are settings and about....and in settings the only option is browser support...

At the risk of sounding like a total idiot here, am i missing something?.  Id really like to get meh zerps off the exchange :/



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Ripple + Ledger Nano S = NEEDs more work.

I have the same issue as everyone else. Technically Ledger Nano S App works, as I am able to receive and send coins. I always try out a new wallet, few TX/RX transactions before I decide to store money in wallet. 

Today, with the latest version (just downloaded and installed today 12/24/17) I got an error while trying to send XRP from Ledger Nano S. I had sufficient funds and was using Tags provided by my exchange. 

The good news is that even with the RED error popping up on the bottom, the coins actually successfully transfered to my exchange. 

I am using Mac OS, and the Destop App needs a lot more work and software QA. I opened a ticket with LedgerWallet, I hope they are hearing us. 




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