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Accept XRP payments on your website for free - Zapster.io


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That is awesome! I never realized how simple payment through XRP could be, until I saw this. I am excited to check this out in more depth.


Thanks for taking the time to build and share this, it is really excited to see more development around the XRP ledger. Maybe @Mercury could use something like this for his next Moon Coin run. @Hodor might also be interested in including this as an example of an innovative community project, should he need such an example in a future blog.

Feature request (sorry, I don't have a BitBucket ATM): the option for the software to run locally and interface with privately run nodes, in case the public nodes are overloaded.

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Also, I see that the destination tag has been labelled as a PIN code for the payment. Would it make more sense to label this "Payment reference" - which has a familiarity with payment reference being used for bank transfers. Just thinking aloud,

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1 minute ago, Witnessed said:

NP - serves me right for being so lame with names. I even screwed up my name on this forum!

You know @Witnessed people with spelling problems are by far over represented in the Category of making success, in business and so forth.
So do not worry about that. Wear it with pride and do what you do.
I bought the name for fun and to HODL it.

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This is so cool. I have actually had folks ask me about whether I accept any cryptocurrencies for side work, and I've also noticed that craigslist has added it as a flag on postings so that you can indicate (and search on) whether folks are willing to accept cryptocurrency for payment. Any tools that help bridge that gap have the opportunity to be game changers.


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