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Gatehub XRP balance


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Hi guys,

I have a question about the total XRP balance that I have in my Gatehub account and that I can use. 

After I deposited BTC and exchanged those for XRP I now have a balance of 111 XRP. That is the Wallet NET worth that I see when I click on Wallet on my Gatehub account.

But, when I click on exchange I cant exchange all of my 111 XRP, I can only exchange a maximum of 61 XRP. I understand that there is a 20 XRP reserve that has to be stored in every wallet but what about the remaining XRP?  Reserve is 20, one trust line is 5 = 25.

111-25= 86. Why is Gatehub keeping an additional 25 XRP and only gives me an option to exchange 61 XRP?

Please help, thanks!

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