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GateHub phone / identity verification [RESOLVED]


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[RESOLVED] My issue was that my cellphone won't receive international text messages - had to upgrade my plan temporarily just to receive that confirmation text :rolleyes:

I've had a GateHub account for a while now but haven't done anything with it just yet.  I logged in today to try and finish my validation, but when I get to the first step of verifying my phone number, I get an error kicked back saying "Phone verification error. Please submit a support request".  Has anyone run into this before?  What'd you have to do to get it fixed?

Funny thing is that their "mobile phone validation" FAQ was updated 15 minutes ago to say everything is working.




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From my experience Gatehub needs some work, it's not very good right now... super slow and needs more upgrading and improvement. they rushed out of Beta testing too quickly. They are based out of Slovenia so be cautious to say the least. I like the fact that they use XRP protocols and have some of Ripple's original team members at the helm, but again, needs work.

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