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Yet another GateHub problem..


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Hey guys, 


I understand GH has had a lot of problem and there are a lot of threads but I need some help with my problem too, it has been over 4-5 days now that I have sent ETH from Coinbase to GH but nothing is showing up on my wallet. I have my XRP deposited and that shows up. On my normal wallet from drop-down when I choose GH5th ETH it shows I have 0.02 ETH (when I sent 0.00165 to test it out) but on exchange or on any other places my ETH wallet shows 0. 


Recently, I went on transaction and I see a "failed transaction" and it gives me this: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/6693829B91F20E0270203AA2EFF65FD810806209399FD85BC088D4519C08AE94

Not sure what it says, but to my understanding 0.02 ETH tried to be converted into 14 XRP but failed to do so (I don't know why or how). Anyone can help me with this, my wallet 


My Fiat GH gateway is pending whilst the crypto one is I assume active since it isn't saying it's pending. However, the options to set trust are disabled as GH is verifying my ID (6 days so far). I replied to their email multiple times and opened tickets but nothing. I will be moving away but would like to move my ETH/XRP to a place before leaving the 20 needed and bye bye.



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