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Deactivated my gatehub account with XRP in it.. HELP


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So i just want to delete an extra wallet i had in gatehub, but then for some reason i managed to deactivated my whole account. I had 1400 XRP in my ripple wallet there. 

I got the recovery key for gatehub, but looks like i can only use that to change my password... lol? I sent them an email, but would prob get an answer in a few weeks. 

Is it possible to get my account activated again? Some one has experiences with this? :(

Thank you for the help.


If someone can help me i will pay you for your time!

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5 minutes ago, mrcarrot said:

Doesn't look like you can do much but submit a support request and wait:


Yeah, i think it would be easier to get it back if i only deleted the wallet not the whole account. I sent them a ticket, but will prob never get an answer as they are soooo slow.

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