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what is going on in Gatehub?


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If you look here: https://www.gatehub.net/markets/XRP/QAU+r3ttJ41YnMrKiLqGUXJpQE8urqyMGjC8vE

It shows a total volume of 20.000 XRP over a 4 hour span made it lose 2/3 of value.

So it has to be a very small market.

This shows you QAU stats: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/quantum/

QAU market value is currently at $28.933.696 USD (Not alot compared to XRP)


EDIT: It is infact XRP/USD: https://www.gatehub.net/markets/XRP/USD+rhub8VRN55s94qWKDv6jmDy1pUykJzF3wq

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