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Secure your GateHub account


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I posted a question a few days ago and as I figured out the procedure it might be helpful to others:

I have been using Gatehub since the migration and have used Authy for 2FA all the time. For added security I wanted to add Authy on another device if my phone should ever get lost or stolen. Turns out Authy has a really great feature that lets you authorize another device from the existing device.

It does not specifically state so but you have to enable backups on Authy to have it transfer your Gatehub settings to the new device. So now I have two devices I can use for 2FA and if my phone gets stolen/hacked/lost I can simply use the other device to remove it from the list of trusted devices and authorize my new phone instead.

Authy has a nice long article here:


There is also another article that you should read:


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On 6/30/2017 at 2:59 PM, netter said:

i'M A NOOB, I go to Settings-Security-2FA... but, how do I turn "ON" ??

I am that man too, I set up my account yesterday so I guess waiting for it to be verified.
How do I get Authy to recognise I have a Gatehub account? I currently use Authy for another login and I can't see a QR scanner anywhere? is it an add on?
Thanks in advance

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