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I lost all my XRP


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I think i have made a grave error... Im a beginner and i frequently use Coinspot. Over the last few weeks i have been waiting for my ledger Nano S to arrive. 

Finally it has arrived. Ive plugged it in, set it up and sent it away. I copy pasted the address from my wallet and confirmed it via my email however it has not showed up in my wallet at all.. 

It is no longer on coinspot and my Ledger nano wallet is displaying 0 XRP.. I dont understand why and ive just lost a fair chunk of XRP...

Ive looked over my email at the address and noticed at the end of the recieve address there are 3 lines ||| like this on the end of it that were not in the address itself. I hadnt noticed these prior to confirmation. Are they supposed to be there and if not have i sent to the wrong address??? can i recover my xrp in any way?? PLEASE HELP :(

EDIT: NVM guys. THANKYOU very much for your quick replies and help. I have recieved the XRP now after using BITHOMP. I have really loved this chat since i began using cryptos and check up on it every single day. In all honesty though this crpyto trading is bad for my health haha. It is incredibly stressful being a beginner so i've invested all my investment money into xrp to support it and i'm logging out before i have a heart attack from chasing transactions, dealing with fees, and watching charts. My wife is about to kill me as well haha. Farewell and enjoy your profits guys! keep riding that wave to the moon

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Have you checked the transaction has completed by going to your XRP wallet in coinspot. Scroll done to the bottom of the page.

If you filled in the comments section when you transferred it will get rejected and meanwhile it shows zero both places for some time and then shows rejected and back in your wallet. I did the same thing and a quick question to coinspot pointed me in the right direction. I resent it OK

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Just now, johnc said:

This happens every time I've done coinspot transfers of XRP so is OK.

Thanks very much for the help my friend! ive edited my post to let everyone know i received it. Sorry for the noob post guys.. great community here though i love it

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