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BTC in Hosted but can't use it


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I sent some BTC over to Gatehub and it arrived. I've been attempting to convert it to Ripple.

I have another Ripple Wallet which had 20xrp but it is now 19.98 for some reason.

I've been wanting to covert the BTC to XRP but I can't get tech support to help and none of the instructions I've found online help.

I've been using the Instant Send from within the Hosted Wallet where the BTC is kept. I keep trying to send it from the Hosted to the Ripple but it gives me a "non-sufficient funds" error.

How can I get the BTC I have converted over to Ripple?

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I found a video on Youtube and followed the instructions. I attempted to move the BTC in the Exchange to XRP but it keeps telling me I do not have enough

Techsupport is almost non-existent. I got an auto reply but no other response.

What is the minimum for exchanging? Did Gatehub stop allowing people to convert BTC to XRP?

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