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David's Q&A - Observations

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  • no questions about corporate vision or change of vision... surely he should know given that he has been there since 2011. Ripple should contract SImon Synek re: vision. Google it.
  • no questions about Productization or Deployment Globally
  • no questions about perceived challenges - political, development or operational.

David is probably a considerate guy. I will have more to say about his body language throughout the talk.


  1. Ripple is focused on institutions, not you
  2. no mention of transaction privacy
  3. no mention of peer to peer transactions, although he did mention peer to peer loans, which are probably institutional in nature
  4. he mentions... they 'acquired' a bunch of new developers... this could mean Ripple could not attract the talent and had to buy a company.
  5. he is really nervous / anxious about the topic of Eco-system - watch David's hands and legs fidget.
  6. no discussion of wallets
  7. no discussion of which entity determines the validity of a transaction. That was odd, as it should have been a carry on point from what the validator functionality.
  8. he avoided discussing the possibility of manually configuring the lists of validators.
  9. no discussion about security
  10. answers were rehearsed... watch David's eyes - they do not go to memory.

So, the question remains... which questions were excluded?

Alas, my questions were not answered!


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Ha... you guys hit the jackpot...

  • Bitcoin is going to attacked by the hedgies
  • the sheep will be driven to the XRP safe harbour
  • XRP will hit at $5.00 by 2018 Q1

Interesting business!

Max has been wheeled out of the building.

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